free software for illumination

Main HOLIGILM's features

Operating system

  • Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista or later


  • Up to 10 light-tubes in one room supported
  • Cupole - adjustable transparency
  • Tube - adjustable internal diameter and lenght, internal reflexivity
  • Optical interface - diffuse, transparent or combined; transparency adjustable


  • Rectangular room supported
  • Orientation according to the north can be set
  • Workplane (rectangular area smaller than the room) supported for data visualization

    Sun's position on the sky

  • Adjustable by setting Sun's azimuth and altitude, or
  • Automatic calculation of Sun's position from date, time and latitude of the room

    Sky model

  • 16 sky models implemented. Five models available in the free version of the program. Please, contact authors to obtain Pro-version having extended features:
  • 1 CIE Overcast, 1:3 (I.1. ISO 15469:2004)
  • 2 Overcast 1:3, thinner cloud layer (HOLIGILM Pro only)
  • 3 Overcast 1:2, snow on ground
  • 4 Overcast 1:2, thinner cloud layer (HOLIGILM Pro only)
  • 5 Uniform, fog
  • 6 Densely cloudy (HOLIGILM Pro only)
  • 7 Cloudy (HOLIGILM Pro only)
  • 8 Partly cloudy (HOLIGILM Pro only)
  • 9 Partly cloudy, veiled Sun (HOLIGILM Pro only)
  • 10 White, partly cloudy with Sun (HOLIGILM Pro only)
  • 11 White blue (HOLIGILM Pro only)
  • 12 CIE Clear, country side (V.4. ISO 15469:2004)
  • 13 CIE Clear polluted, urban
  • 14 Clear polluted, industrial region (HOLIGILM Pro only)
  • 15 Clear, enhanced turbidity (HOLIGILM Plus only)
  • Numerical accuracy settings

  • Grid density (density of calculated points) of the room adjustable
  • Grid density (density of calculated points) of the optical interface adjustable (3 levels)
  • Grid density (density of calculated points) of the Luminous intensity solid plot (2 levels)

    Data visualization

  • Free GNUplot visualizator included
  • Illumination of the room and illumination of the optical interface can be displayed
  • Efficiency of the tube and assymmetry of its radiative pattern is calculated
  • Sky luminance plot implemented
  • Luminous intensity solid - 3D plot implemented
  • Color map (full-colour or grayscale, inverted) and/or isolines plots
  • Number of isolines and their values adjustable
  • Workplane (rectangular area smaller then the room for which the data are visualized) can be defined; whole room or workplane only can be shown in plots
  • Logarithms of the illumination can be shown in plots
  • Upper limit of the illumination can be set in plots (ellimination of hot-spots)
  • Arrow pointing to the North can be shown in plots
  • Plots can be fully customized using custom GNUplot commands
  • Export of plots into popular bitmap (GIF, JPG, PNG) and vector (WMF, EPS, LaTeX) graphical formats
  • Font type and size used in plots editable

    Other options and setings

  • Font type/size used by program selectable
  • Size of dialog windows adjustable
  • User manual and "Working with graphs" manual included

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