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Current version: 4.4.1 (4.8.2011)

holigilm_441_setup.exe - Windows setup program, full version (GUI executable, core executable, GNUplot executable, export filters, manuals and help files)
Holigilm.pdf - user manual (included also in setup program)
GraphOptimizing.pdf - "Working with graphs" manual (included also in setup program)

Installation procedure

Run the setup program and follow the instructions. You needn't have administrator privileges to install and run the HOLIGILM program.


Version 4.4.1 (4.8.2011):
  • Sky models improved.

  • Version 4.4 (1.3.2011):
  • "Luminous intensity solid" - plot is calculated and can be shown and rotated in 3D
  • Efficiency of the light tube and assymetry of its radiative pattern is calculated
  • Some improvements in plots implemented (e.g. number of decimal places in legends is set automatically now)
  • Bug corrected (erroneous workplane illumination plot at certain combinations of overcast sky models and transparent diffusor).

  • Version 4.3 (20.6.2010):
  • 16 sky models implemented (5 in the free version of the program):
  • 1 CIE Overcast, 1:3 (I.1. ISO 15469:2004)
  • 2 Overcast 1:3, thinner cloud layer (HOLIGILM Pro only)
  • 3 Overcast 1:2, snow on ground
  • 4 Overcast 1:2, thinner cloud layer (HOLIGILM Pro only)
  • 5 Uniform, fog
  • 6 Densely cloudy (HOLIGILM Pro only)
  • 7 Cloudy (HOLIGILM Pro only)
  • 8 Partly cloudy (HOLIGILM Pro only)
  • 9 Partly cloudy, veiled Sun (HOLIGILM Pro only)
  • 10 White, partly cloudy with Sun (HOLIGILM Pro only)
  • 11 White blue (HOLIGILM Pro only)
  • 12 CIE Clear, country side (V.4. ISO 15469:2004)
  • 13 CIE Clear polluted, urban
  • 14 Clear polluted, industrial region (HOLIGILM Pro only)
  • 15 Clear, enhanced turbidity (HOLIGILM Plus only)
  • Pro-version with extended features released (please contact authors for this Pro-version)
  • Sky luminance function plot added
  • Arrow pointing to the North can be added to plots now - comfortable aligning of plots according to the Earth
  • Illumination limits can be set separately for each plot type
  • Font size and type in plots editable in "Graph settings" dialogue
  • Inverted palette selection in plot settings added
  • More accurate model implemented:
  • Diffuse to extraterrestrial illuminance (Dv/Ev) is now calculated rather than being fixed single values
  • Luminous turbidity Tv as well as Dv/Ev are sky-type dependent. The extended archive of measured data was used to determine the new averages of Tv and Dv/Ev

  • Version 4.2 (14.8.2009):
  • Improvement of clear-sky radiance function (analytical solution)
  • Upper limit of the illumination displayed can be set (useful to suppress "hot-spots")
  • Minor improvements in input dialogs (decimal places are shown for some values, e.g. azimuth angle)

  • Version 4.1.2 (19.7.2009):
  • Improvement of clear-sky radiance function (higher accuracy in case the Sun is near zenith)
  • Minor bug in log-files corrected (certain numerical values not written in some cases)

  • Version 4.1.0 (19.5.2009):
  • Completely new GUI, including plots generating
  • Minor changes in log-files of the core (indexing of tubes from 1 to 10 instead of from 0 to 9)
  • Optical interface - three densities of calculation-points selectable (low - very fast calculation, normal, high - very precise calculation)
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