free software for illumination

Authors of HOLIGILM program

Mgr. Miroslav Kocifaj, PhD. author of the computational core m.kocifaj@gmail.com
RNDr. František Kundracik, PhD. author of the graphical user interface frantisek.kundracik@gmail.com

Scientific papers related to HOLIGILM

  • M. Kocifaj, S. Darula, R. Kittler: HOLIGILM: Hollow light guide interior illumination method – An analytic calculation approach for cylindrical light-tubes.
    Solar Energy 82 (2008) 247–259. (An analytical solution of light propagation in guides - on this solution is based HOLIGILM software.)
  • S. Darula, F. Kundracik, M. Kocifaj, R. Kittler: Tubular light guides: estimation of indoor illuminance levels.
    LEUKOS 6 (2010) 241–252. (The capabilities of HOLIGILM-software for illumination estimations.)
  • M. Kocifaj, F. Kundracik, S. Darula, R. Kittler: Theoretical solution for light transmission of a bended hollow light guide.
    Solar Energy 84 (2010) 1422–1432. (A semianalytical solution for the light propagation in bended guides - will be implemented in future versions of HOLIGILM software.)

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